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The Milk Hoose

No milk in the Fridge? Come to The Milk Hoose for a top-up. Our fresh farm milk from our grass-fed herd of Corton Coos is available everyday from our fabulous and very popular vending machine! Come and give it a try! Open 7am to 7pm.

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Opening Hours

Daily 9.30am - 4.30pm
Last Orders 4.00Pm For Hot Food

Benefits of Milk

benefits of milk
The Milk Journey
The Milk Journey 1

Our herd of 220 Holstein Friesian cows are grass–fed in our fields during the summer months and during the winterare fed on silage (stored grass).

The Milk Journey 2

They are milked twice a day in a parlour. Butterfat is on average approx. 4.2% and protein approx 3.4%.

The Milk Journey 3

The milk is then batch pasteurisedon farm (heated up to 68 degrees Centigrade (for 5 minutes).

The Milk Journey 4

It is in its purest form and the cream settles on the top. It is then chilled and put into the Milkbot.

The Milk Journey 5

This is dispensed in our reusable glass bottles, therefore reducing plastic waste.

The Milk Journey 6

Customers should go home, drink the milk, sterilise their bottle and bring it back for a re-fill.

The Milk Journey 7